Thank you for creating such a wonderful space for like-minded people to
meet, dance, and live together over a period of an intense three-week
movement program. I am glad I came for the full three-week duration
because I could really immerse myself into the community, which was
transforming itself from the start to finish. I loved all the workshops
we did and the teachers who facilitated with such quality, working with
partners, the scenic setting, the local community… It felt amazing to be
part of this program and back it with my presence, seeing how much of a
genuine drive it required to set it up, along with the infrastructure,
organisation, curation, and management, gathering support for its
realisation, etc. What an achievement! I met interesting, creative, and
artistic people all over the world, who like me seek out alternative
ways of being, love dance, and not leaving out yoga. Co-creating
together felt powerful, on a material as well as a conscious level. I
recommend this program to all who are called to deepen their bond with
Self, dance, nature, and community.