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Losing Ground | Suggestions on consensual movement

29.8.22 - 3.9.22

by Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis & Kyveli Kouvatsi


What if we could really understand each other through touch?


Losing Ground is an original practice in couples with the basic working condition of the closed eyes of one body and the feeling of touch as a moving stimulus

Drawing inspiration from somatic practices, it explores moving possibilities in a way containing all the dynamics of our bodily memory without being trapped in it. By sharpening our kinesthetic functions, a dance of kinetic codecision, increased care and alertness can occur.

This practice’s research revolves around how dance emerges through the consent of the two bodies and opens a field of reflection for the concepts of codecision and togetherness. In this practice the roles have joint responsibility but also freedom of choice and the goal is not manipulation or puppeting, but co-movement and codecision.  Each pair with specific tools and through research exercises builds its own communication code that will allow it to gradually co-move more and more complexly, more and more honestly. 

Being part of this togetherness, and while practicing trust and receptivity, the two bodies have the opportunity to explore different qualities, speeds, to experience space differently, moving off-axis and in positions that without each other would not they could explore.

The workshop is aimed at people with or without dance experience, as the diversity of bodies only brings wealth to this practice.