//single-workshop-main Let’s be comfortable in our skin: A’ round – Unplugged Dance

Let’s be comfortable in our skin: A’ round

22.8.22 - 27.8.22

by Androniki Marathaki


being comfortable in our own skin” might mean
-that I question if I am or not,
-that I desire sensing a unity within the different dimensions of the Body and between internal and external environment,
-that I am able to trace the resonance of what I perceive and how I move in/with the world,
-that even when I try it, I dance their intervals,
-that I am aware that my skin is perforated and this leaves no time for “second thoughts” in my communication with self and others,
-that I need a safe place in order to practice this with bare attention.

A meditative | improvisational Practice of Dance that proposes a Way for exploring what movement is and
which are the potentialities that are released through that kind of observation.

Instead of processing movement as it is researched, guided and performed from an external point of view, it is informed by the various qualities of consciousnesses that arise while it is perceived by the one that is moving.

It is a Way that cultivates personal development of “listening” and paying attention to the “feeling of
movement” with primal ignorance and care.

By putting forward the organization of the Body while moving, its research, practice and learning processes emerge through pursuing variations constrained and facilitated by the body’s functional demands. The skeletal architecture of the body, the sensorial world of body networks, ways in which we perceive self and environment, all these trace the relation of the very experiencing of the self organizing movement and of movement as an infinite, eternal and “wild” force.

By endlessly resting on the questions of what a bodily sensation or sensorial stimulus is and how movement
activates an awareness “of them”, it facilitates skills such as sensorial sensitivity through movement, self-
regulation, critical thinking as feeling, transparent disciplines and the “learning to learn”.

Most importantly, it adopts approaches for a relieving process of change (= movement), a kind of being, an
awareness of moving that makes us feel comfortable in our own skin.

The workshop is addressed to people with experience in improvisation, somatic practices and to those that wish
to develop a healthy relation in how they move to/in/with the world and experience movement.