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Revisiting Let’s be comfortable in our own skin: sensorial relations

July 23rd - 30th , 2023

by Androniki Marathaki


“How can we sense the relationscapes of the Body?

How to rest in the differences and similarities of our movement and of the eternal movement of the world? 

As questions only release movement, this is an invitation of the dance that is released from that void of material existence, tangible reality of the human body and its relationship to the infinite, eternal and wild movement of the world.

How to actualize their dialogue, their conflicts, their heterochronisms and synchronicities? Or rather, how do you realize yourself through them? For me, in those intervals there is a Dance to be experienced.”




“Let’s be comfortable in our own skin” is a dance improvisation practice that invests in discovering ways to coordinate our movement with the sensing of our Bodily Stimulus. It is a direction of managing our movement in the world through processes that concern not how it can be observed from an external point of view, but how the movement itself informs, sensitizes and activates the various organizations and arrangements of the living and whole Body. This practice is characterized by a study, contemplation and experience of the dance with “bare attention” of what we call “bodily sensations” and a way of practicing that is focused around a precise quality of attention. A quality of attention that embraces subjectivity, invests in its importance in the art of dance, and at the same time seeks what may be common as a process to arrive at it. So perhaps what we define as Body and as Dance can organize its meaning differently, supported by what is coordinated, comforting, healthy, delightfully related and above all defined by the fact that it continues to move.


Starting from this practice, in this revisiting, our main focus is on what unravels in the relationship of human movement and movement as an eternal and infinite possibility.

Based on this provocation of differentiating between sensory-revealed movement and that which exists around us in the universe, this workshop wishes to develop the sensoriality of relationships.

Mainly it sensitizes our awareness to embodied landscapes of relationships, to a sensorial exploration of relationships from the densest structures of the human body, to its softest networks and finally to the dialogue that the moving human body can develop with the movement of the world around it .


#The first part of the workshop is focused on the primary stages of the practice “let’s be comfortable in our own skin” and introduces the practice  to everyone, while the second part focuses on the revisiting version of sensorial relationscapes.  

#In the afternoon there is one last optional session during which participants choose and explore it personally. The proposed journeys for this session are offered as scores and activate the : ”exploring my personal practice” | “witnessing and offering to others” | “practicing pausing in 4 postures” | “my free time in dance floor” | “articulating my dance” | “discussing my dance”). 

#The workshop is addressed to those that wish to develop a healthy relation in how they move to/in/with the world and experience movement. It is inspired by dance, somatic practices, neuroscience, Qiqong and infinite moments of practicing alone and with others.


Our  daily programme 

8.00-9.00 breathing & micromoving

9.00-10.00 Breakfast

10.00-12.00 Let’s be comfortable in our own skin: Round A

12.00-14.00 Revisiting Let’s be comfortable in our own skin: sensorial relations

14.00-17.30 Snack & Resting 

17.30-19.30 Personal journeys (optional)

20.00-21.00 Dinner


Sunday 23rd is the arrival day, and only welcome dinner is included.

Sunday 30th is the departure day and only breakfast is included.




All Unplugged Dance workshops are open to everyone who wants to meet, share, dance and self-explore through movement and creative process. There is no need for previous experience in dance classes, although if there is one, it is welcome. 


“Revisiting Let’s be comfortable in our own skin: sensorial relations” is part of Unplugged Revisited, an imprint left by our meeting with the facilitators of the first Unplugged Dance program.

With the intention of creating a space of educational, artistic research and exchange, that will give the opportunity for our individual trajectories to meet and our relationships to deepen, we created this branch where educators/artists from the previous Unplugged Dance programs, have a whole week in order to deepen or revisit their workshop.




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