//single-workshop-main The Nomadic School of Moving Thought – Unplugged Dance

The Nomadic School of Moving Thought

22.8.22 - 27.8.22

by Sonia Ntova

Οur self as a geographical multitude.
The I of the many.
The self of the earth.
The vitality of the vibrant matter.
The I becomes we.
The ‘we’ is been decentralized from the human.
The human becomes part of nature.
Nature becomes a collective topography.
Care is been applied as a way to sustain and nurture life.
A sensitive micro-perceptual world active
to feel the relational ability to move and be moved.

A series of movements and interactions for everyone to investigate the sensorial self with nature and to others. It is a process that moves towards a sensitive ecological understanding of “becoming”.

Creating a secure workplace, the facilitator activates the process for mutual understanding and allows participation as a productive field of possibilities. Poetic images, our senses, imagination, sounds, micro-observation guide us and allow movement to happen.

Participants are invited to work on somatic practices and instructions that will expand their sensorial world, to translate creatively their experience (sound, painting, poetry), to work individually and in groups. The group will work daily in different locations, activating different physical practices that allow us to investigate our sensory perception, expand our imaginary potential and recognize collectively the body as an ontological space that functions with care for equal relationships in the world.

It is a practice that unfolds an alternative way of thinking and raises questions about the sensory dimensions of existence in the current era. It activates the body as a vital force that acts collectively and sensitively.

The laboratory is open to all different bodies. No experience with movement and dancing is necessary.