//single-workshop-main 3-10 Sep 2023 ~ The Body The Player The Journey – Unplugged Dance

3-10 Sep 2023 ~ The Body The Player The Journey

by Rafaela Sahyoun


Rafaela Sahyoun creates a playful, physical & sensitive space to experience dance. 


The Body The Player The Journey stimulates practitioners to dance their authenticity. An invitation to the modulations of inner and outer connections through mechanisms of perception, approximating each individual to their personal and collective landscapes.

The work focuses on the body’s mobility from the perspective of biotensegrity, aiming to expand awareness of the body as an integrated living network. Practitioners are invited to access information from their bodily experiences unveiling their available perceptible resources.

Through games & improvisation practices, people will be exposed to and experience the following principles:

(1) sensitive & systemic mapping of the body, (2) gravity & body axis, (3)distribution of tension & modulations of tone, (4) the folds of the body, (5) the fabulous universe of spirals, (6) multidimensionality,(7) asymmetry, (8) body pulsations.

In current times it feels fundamental to dance what pulses in & in between us, exploring modes of interaction, negotiation, and trust.

The Body The Player The Journey encourages individual & collective tuning in connection with the new encounters in the fascinating surroundings of Paleochori space, welcoming vitality to dance life in real-time.


Our daily schedule:

8.00-9.00 Breakfast
9.30-12.30 Practice
13.00-16.00 Resting & Snack
16.30-19.30 Practice
20.00-21.00 Dinner

Sunday 3rd of September is the arrival day, and only welcome dinner is included.

Sunday 10th of September is the departure day, and only breakfast is included.




All Unplugged Dance workshops are open to everyone who wants to meet, share, dance and self-explore through movement and creative process. There is no need for previous experience in dance classes, although if there is one, it is welcome. 


“The Body The Player The Journey” is part of Unplugged Revisited, an imprint left by our meeting with the facilitators of the first Unplugged Dance program.

With the intention of creating a space of educational, artistic research and exchange, that will give the opportunity for our individual trajectories to meet and our relationships to deepen, we created this branch where educators/artists from the previous Unplugged Dance programs, have a whole week in order to deepen or revisit their workshop.




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