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The Body The Player The Journey

5.9.22 - 10.9.22

by Rafaela Sahyoun


Rafaela Sahyoun creates in her workshop a playful, physical & sensitive space to experience dance.

In current times it feels fundamental to dance what pulses in & in between us—meeting states of vitality as a form of resistance and affection. Exploring modes of interaction, negotiation, and trust, inquiring how we operate, and cross narratives that update the relationships present in the space.

The work also focuses on the body’s mobility, recognizing and organizing its structure as an integrated living network,  playing around the field of (1) gravity,(2) body axis,(3) supportive structures,(4) the folds of the body,(5) the fabulous universe of spirals,(6) multidimensionality,(7) asymmetry.

Through games & improvisation practices, the intention is to orchestrate the body in relation to various stimuli, refining perception & crafting attention around simultaneous layers.

This workshop is an invitation to dance life in real-time, to meet and dance a change.