//single-workshop-main 11 – 18 AUGUST 2024 | The Body The Player The Journey - Unplugged Dance

11 – 18 AUGUST 2024 | The Body The Player The Journey

with Rafaela Sahyoun


The Body The Player The Journey set the ground for the interplay of people, moving what pulses within and between each other, an invitation to co-create with every single (multiple) participant a space for potential, inspiration, exchange, and support.


The Body The Player The Journey stimulates practitioners to dance their authenticity—an invitation to modulate the dancing through mechanisms of perception, approximating each individual to their personal and collective landscapes. Charting the multidimensional anatomy of desires and tuning to its particularities, we cultivate an authorial, negotiable, collective, and physically sustainable process.

The Body The Player The Journey is dedicated to movement practices that access and expand a repertoire of senses linked to cognitive, subjective, and imagetic layers in each individual’s learning process.

The exploration of movement begins by delving into the sources of our living body and its intricate interrelational systems (at this moment, expect lots of images!). Within this dynamic sensorimotor network, we orchestrate the body and its relationships by scanning information from inner and outer connections, accessing the available resources to play with from personal bodily experiences.

The work focuses on the body’s mobility from the perspective of biotensegrity, aiming to expand awareness of the body as an integrated living ancestor network. Through mediums such as improvisation, scores, games, and procedures rooted in the fields of perception, people will be exposed to and experience the following principles:

(1) sensitive & systemic mapping of the body, (2) gravity & body axis, (3) distribution of tension & modulations of tone, (4) the folds of the body, (5) the fabulous universe of spirals, (6) multidimensionality, (7) asymmetry, (8) body pulsations.

Decoding the body’s geography by hacking information from the present, the individuals, and the contextual space around us – we witness, hold space, and charge a large spectrum of shape-shifting sensations within ever-evolving decision-making instances.


What to Expect

• An immersive playground of movement exploration

• Investigation of the term interconnection in extended layers

• Expanding & deepening sensory awareness

• References, anatomical images, texts, and tactile experiences

• Co-creating a space for inspiration, exchange, and support

• A playful yet profound journey through movement and the environment

• Opening many doors to revisit our bias and interact with different perspectives

• Exploring potentials, desires, questions while creating new memories




Rafaela Sahyoun (BR) is a Latin American from São Paulo, working in the field of arts as a dancer, choreographer, and educator. She spirals through these roles within the ever-evolving landscape of performative practices, community, and context.


All Unplugged Dance workshops are open to everyone who wants to meet, share, dance and self-explore through movement and creative process. There is no need for previous experience in dance classes, although if there is one, it is welcome. 

“The Body The Player The Journey” workshop shares the week with “espaciopropio.augenblick” workshop