//single-workshop-main 25 AUG – 1 SEP 2024 | Resilient Rivers - Unplugged Dance

25 AUG – 1 SEP 2024 | Resilient Rivers

with Vanessa Grasse



How do we embody inner resources and let them nourish us?

What happens when we listen to and offer more agency to our nervous system?

What can we learn from the world of fluids?

How do we nurture ecological ways of being in relation?


Fluid landscapes, nervous system regulation, relationality and finding pleasure in our moving will be our undercurrents.

Somatic imagery and experiential anatomy will be our starting points as we unfold improvisational journeys and dive into both restorative and energetic dances that support us to nurture resilience, resourcefulness and navigating change in both our dancing and daily living.

We are encouraged to move at our own pace, find pathways of ease and navigate relational states, individually, with partners and as a group.


Each day we will journey through different sensory and imaginary worlds.

We will let our nervous system swim like jellyfish;

explore the fluid world of the spine and our tissues;

dive into unknown relational worlds as we nurture the ecological and physiological recycling circularity of our sensory- motor systems;

we’ll nurture and move with our kidneys;

be transformed and inspired by various water and land creatures.


Time for self and group reflection, writing and drawing will be an integral part of the process.

Each day we will find moments to explore outdoors, extending the practice as a way of nurturing relational and ecological connections within both the human and non-human communities to which we belong.


Resilient Rivers is an emergent practice that weaves Somatic Stress Release™ with Vanessa’s ongoing practice into improvisation and somatics, ecological site-responsive work, Contact Improvisation, Qigong and body-mind integration wellbeing.

What to expect

• Somatic and improvisational explorations, guided by verbal instructions and visual imagery.

• Moving at your own pace, individually, with partners, and as a group.

• Exploring the “fluid worlds” of the body, imagination, and landscape.

• Experiential anatomy and practices for regulating the nervous system.

• Movement in both the studio and surrounding nature.

• Relational and ecological themes and approaches.

• Accessing a range of movements: restorative, energetic, playful, and restful.

• Engaging all of our senses and imagination.

• Providing an accessible and non-judgmental environment.

• Allowing time for self and group reflection through optional writing, drawing, and conversation.



Vanessa Grasse is a dance and multidisciplinary artist from Sicily, based in Leeds, UK. She is a choreographer, performer, teacher, mentor, curator, certified Life Coach and Somatic Stress Release™ practitioner.


All Unplugged Dance workshops are open to everyone who wants to meet, share, dance and self-explore through movement and creative process. There is no need for previous experience in dance classes, although if there is one, it is welcome. 

“Resilient Rivers” workshop shares the week with “Losing Ground™” workshop