//single-workshop-main 18 – 25 AUGUST 2024 | In Context, in Resonance, in Play - Unplugged Dance

18 – 25 AUGUST 2024 | In Context, in Resonance, in Play

with Anna Konjetzky & Sahra Huby

Dance is like music—it’s something we can shape and modify. The body is like an instrument resonating with its surroundings and context, entangled with them and with all creatures around.

We will question, analyze, and delve into the interdependence of our modern bodies.

We’ll ask ourselves: What makes us move? Why do we start moving? To what are we connected by moving? Who shaped our body, and how does it get shaped and transformed?

This workshop proposes to reflect together, to play together, and to gather tools on how to shape, transform, shift, affect, and further develop what we are doing in different directions.

We will practice and explore those tools together in relation to two main topics:

The questions of Entanglement and Interdependency of our bodies: considering humans within a wider Ecosystem, interdependent with other humans and species. Where does the border of the body lie? How can we expand or even erase this border? How do other bodies influence their surroundings simply by sharing the same space?

The question of “who are the bodies we are looking at?”: each body has a distinct identity shaped by education, culture, and history. We want to explore the complexity of where and who we are, where we look from, what lies behind our patterns, and play with these patterns to deconstruct some and find new ones.

What to expect:

  • Learning tools to shape, transform, shift, and affect the body

  • Playing together and individually

  • Breaking away from habits

  • Exploring different layers of the body

  • Acknowledging the body in its entanglement/interdependency

  • Contextualizing and deconstructing movements and patterns



Anna Konjetzky and Sahra Huby are dance artists, choreographers, facilitators, researchers and performers, based in Munich, Germany and Athens, Greece.


All Unplugged Dance workshops are open to everyone who wants to meet, share, dance and self-explore through movement and creative process. There is no need for previous experience in dance classes, although if there is one, it is welcome. 

In Context, in Resonance, in Play” workshop shares the week with “Somatic Art® Practice: Roots” workshop