//single-workshop-main IMPRINT#LOVE – Unplugged Dance


6th - 13th of August

by Delicia Sefiha


This workshop creates a space for connecting our bodies to ideas, experiences, understandings,
questions and practices around love.

A space for treating love as a new territory to be discovered and as a script we are all collectively composing. Love as an active embodied practice.

Journeying through moments of movement improvisation, creative explorations, witnessing, reading, writing and sharing, we’ll connect with, question, challenge and express our love imprints; our embodied love practice systems, and, maybe, we’ll discover new ones.

What to expect:

#Moments of movement improvisation, creative explorations, witnessing, reading, writing and sharing. 

#Movement journeys; we’ll build improvisation worlds, we’ll play, we’ll create our own love scores, we’ll find ways to release our embodied love practice systems (and maybe, we’ll discover new ones). 

#An archive; we’ll attempt to find a collective way we can archive our shared journey


A small section of one of the Collective Love Manuals composed by the participants of the first IMPRINT # LOVE A Writer’s Workshop.

Love is in the everyday. It infiltrates every small movement.
Love is moving and emotional and temperamental.
It offers softness and comfort through touch, weight, distance, voice.
Remember that your body, the whole thing, is an antenna.

Use it like that.




All Unplugged Dance workshops are open to everyone who wants to meet, share, dance and self-explore through movement and creative process. There is no need for previous experience in dance classes, although if there is one, it is welcome. 


“IMPRINT#LOVE”  is part of the Main Unplugged 2023 program and shares the week with “Young Girls Wanna Dance Their Spirit” workshop

In the Main Unplugged we host every year new educators and artists from all over the world, through an open call process, in order to meet and highlight dance practices and methods that may exist around the world and approach dance as a practice of embodiment. We choose to emphasize on the importance of embodiment in dance education, research and choreography, in order to approach dance in a more open and inclusive way that can relate to self-determination, empowerment and expression. A dance -metaphorically and literally speaking- beyond the pursuit of a perfect form, that serves a liberating process of acceptance and joy. 




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