//single-workshop-main 11 – 18 AUGUST 2024 | espaciopropio.augenblick - Unplugged Dance

11 – 18 AUGUST 2024 | espaciopropio.augenblick

with Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli & Carlos Osatinsky


…towards a skeleton dance

Exploration of the body in conscious movement


espaciopropio.augenblick gives the framework for a shared process of re-discovering our own bodies from its skeletal strata as supporting and expressive means for singular and common embodying of art and life.

We are in a permanent dance of interrelated layers from our deepest supporting structure through our entire organism towards the most outer environment. Life is a geological force aiming for expression and so, the encounters take this image of bones as the deep mediating space for supporting this journey in its full complexity. The contents and materials developed through the encounters departs acknowledging

that the “body” is submerged in a flow of constant change of inner and outer necessities, open to influences, with mutable boundaries in a permanent physical and mind dialogue between the organism and the surrounding. There is no body without an environment and no body is a lonely entity.

The workshop is an open source experience where we initially share some tools and resources that we had the opportunity to gander through our path, specially through our work based in Klein TechniqueTM and Alexander Technique, in order to bring awareness to this interrelated movement in between bodies, allowing it to happen in a freer, fuller and honest creative spirit.

Through clear anatomical pictures we visualize and map our own structures, clarifying them, their relations and functions, with a closer sensing of their possibilities and expanding our own body perceptual thresholds.

Through simple sequences we re-discover movement patterns, we connect and discover new paths for understanding and overcoming obstacles in the exploration of movement flows.

Through proposing simple individual and group explorative scores we open a field for tuning up individual and common awareness, letting so unfold a dance of power, skeleton dances in the space, nurturing a state of collective reciprocity and renewed (e)motions. During the workshop days, technical aspects and improvisation interweaves permanently: questioning preconceptions and bringing new imaginary, sharing words and building silent bridges, guiding and following impulses, expanding the body field through active proposing and quiet listening.

What to Expect from an espaciopropio.augenblick encounter?

new modes of understanding the space of the body and the body of the space from the core
skeleton structure, its intrinsic connections and characteristics

a nurturing mixture in between precise anatomical knowledge with an opening for new
perspectives in imaginative exploration fields

observing and undoing harmful movement habits, updating and enhancing full and singular
attention to the environment

dive in a practice nested in patience, trust and mutual inspiration

an attentive and careful accompanying from the guiders to each participant through all the
practice process of the week

resources for rediscovering unprecedented possibilities of moving by exploring the body in a
renewed and poetic way

an open space for dialogue and experiential exchange through words and dance

an overall sense of wellbeing, calmness, joy and consciousness due a more comprehensive use
of ourselves for life and art processes


espaciopropio.augenblick express our view of art movement and life, and it is based in our more than 20 years experiences as performers, choreographers and movement facilitators with diverse groups and in different geographies. We keep ourselves constantly inspired and triggered by each creative encounter diving in our own body experience as an endless source of mystery, amazement and creativity.

The workshop is open to anyone that with curiosity is willing to explore and expand her/his/their expressive capacities by means of the body. No previous experience is required.



Some FEEDBACKS from participants in former Workshops and Encounters

“…The workshop has shaken my knowledge about my body that I have accumulated until now.
Things I took for granted in my dance and yoga training have been questioned and for a brief moment I was able to see a different perspective, notice a different sensation, understand a different logic. This realization left me curious and inspired to listen to myself more. The two-day workshop gave me some tools to make my body the most important teacher. The research required patience and was challenging, but the discoveries were worth it. I was also fascinated by the way Carlos and Fernando connected a very specific internal exploration to a larger dance practice. They skillfully guided us through the journey from the inner space, full of individual sensations and emotions, to an outer space rich in deeper choreographic options. This ability to occupy indoor and outdoor space at the same time was very helpful to me as a dancer and performer. I would love to continue this process/research as I feel like I just got a taste of the potential of this work…. Thank you!”
Mónica Smekot, Edinburgh, September 2019.


“I really enjoyed the espacioproprio.augenblick workshop in Edinburgh. What I experienced was
a climax of emotions and a reaction from my body that I could happily channel into the explosion
of dance. Carlos and Fernando were excellent teachers, they were open and available to all of us
all the time, ready to help and answer any questions or curiosity. I really liked the theoretical part
supported by images during the class where we were able to understand how important the
location of our muscles and bones is and the way they work. When we started I had no idea what
to expect from this experience, but I must say it was a pleasant surprise. I liked the structure of
the workshop as a perfect combination of talks, exercises and free movements, so well combined
to give us the opportunity to express ourselves in the most free and instinctive way but at the
same time full of awareness in our positions completely aligned between the ground and heaven
and being able to “let it go.” The strength of the exercises brought us to the encounter with our
bodies, the fusion and contact with our forms was so gratifying and experiencing how we could
be many and one at the same time, I was able to feel part of the group and decompose. the
barrier of loneliness in dance, which is one of my limits. The last part of our session was the best part, we could all feel the feeling of inner peace and total connection with ourselves, it was nice to see what a different stage we had reached after two days together. Thank you Iraya for organizing it and thank you Fernando, thank you Carlos. I hope to find you again.”
Marcela Rugiero, Edinburgh, September 2019.


Carlos Osatinsky & Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli are contemporary dancers, performers, choreographers, explorers and facilitators of movement.


All Unplugged Dance workshops are open to everyone who wants to meet, share, dance and self-explore through movement and creative process. There is no need for previous experience in dance classes, although if there is one, it is welcome. 

“espaciopropio.augenblick” workshop shares the week with “The Body The Player The Journey” workshop