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Open call for workshops | Unplugged Dance | August – September 2023


We are looking forward to meeting our new team of collaborators for the second expanded edition of the Unplugged Dance educational program!


Where: Neochori, Lefkada, Greece

When: 7 days between July 31 – Sep 24, 2023

Deadline for applications: December 14, 2022


This call is addressed to dance artists/educators interested in leading a workshop that approaches dance as a practice of embodiment and emerges from personal research.

Candidates must have an original practice/method/technique of their own to share in the form of an open level workshop for professionals and non-professionals. This year, with an intention to deepen more in our quest of how we can experience dance while enriching it with the qualities of somatic practices, we are broadening the spectrum by looking not only for educators but also for choreographers, dance artists and healers. Our interest lies in approaching qualities such as exploration of the soma (body) as perceived from within, observation, care, acceptance, self-reflection, non-goal orientation, non-hurry and non-interventionism, through different paths related to dance. Candidates, depending on their subject of interest, may focus more on one of the following:

performative practices that examine the subjective realities of the dancing body /

self-exploring and creative processes /

healing through dance.

In any case, your work must have already been presented in the form of a workshop, a research and/or a performance.


In Unplugged Dance we choose to emphasize on the importance of embodiment in dance education, research and choreography, in order to approach dance in a more open and inclusive way that can relate to self-determination, empowerment and expression. Such an approach is more than a need to escape from instructions or an image orientated approach. It is a way to strengthen the ability of listening to yourself through listening to your body. A dance -metaphorically and literally speaking- beyond the pursuit of a perfect form, that serves a liberating process of acceptance and joy. Our intention is to meet and highlight dance methods or techniques that may exist around the world and approach dance as a practice of embodiment.


We provide:

-Payment of 720 euros

-Accommodation in bell tent (with bed) and meals per day

-A part of travel expenses for teachers coming from abroad can be paid after arrangement



-Leading a workshop in English for six days (a total of 16,5 hours) during July 31 to September 24, 2023. The week will be determined in mutual consultation

-We will need an invoice from your business entity in order to pay for your services.


To apply:

Please send via email at unpluggedopencall@gmail.com  :

-Your CV / bio (pfd)

-Text (pdf), photos (attached), video link and any other info you prefer in order to present your workshop

-Small summary (pdf), 3-9 photos (attached) and video link of your workshop, as well as a portrait of yourself that could be used for promotion in case of collaboration