Kyveli Kouvatsi

Kyveli Kouvatsi (born in Lefkada, Greece) has recently graduated from National School of Dance (2021), and she is finishing her studies in School of Drama – Faculty of Fine Arts – Auth. As a recent graduate, she would prefer not to crystallize a new identity yet. She lives in Athens and seeks different ways to exist through dance, research – kinetic or theoretical – sharing and learning. In 2020 she started working on the practice of Losing Ground, with Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis, evolving together the research mainly in terms of teaching methodology, and facilitating a first workshop (Losing Ground | Suggestions on consensual movement) in October 2021. Since then they have been teaching open Losing Ground courses and continue their common practice. She is currently in the post-production of her documentary regarding professional dance education in Greece. Her tendency to be, dance and rejoice with other people close to nature, as well as her love for the village where she grew up, led her along with Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis to the initiative of Unplugged Dance.