Androniki Marathaki

Androniki Marathaki is a choreographer, performer and educator in dance. With the support of the Greek Scholarship Foundation she started her artistic research in choreography and improvisation in dance in C.S.S.D. under the name “modulated choreographies”. Since then, by maintaining elasticity to what dance might be and by expanding the boundaries of dance education and choreographing, she is interested in the various ways humans perceive movement and in that way constructing cultural forms and social relations in different environments. By adopting “practice” as her main choreographing method, she facilitates conditions from which ‘awareness’ can be cultivated for anyone that participates in a dance event. In her work, from a dance performance to a workshop, the different processes of experiencing (choreographing, performing, observing) are intewaved in order to release compositional as well as defamiliarization processes of movement that are also related in everyday life and are able to develop capacities in the world-making and self-creation. Engaged on a regular basis in somatic practices and as well as eastern practises and philosophies all these years she elaborates her dance practice and shares it in workshops and improvisation dance classes for multicellular groups of people as well as for people with a lot of experience in improvising and somatic practices. Under the name “Let’s be comfortable in our own skin” she cultivates the last years a dance improvisation practice that wishes to expand regulatory mechanisms in the human body and our perception, sensorial communication, self-agency and collectiveness and lastly to find pleasure within an effortless movement. With a group of exceptional collaborators, she is now researching on her new project “a dance for pain” that is one of the reflections of the dance improvisational practice and is funded by NEON organization, Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, Island Connection Residency Program, Unplugged Dance educational program and International Milos Festival. She was a dance instructor in the educational program of Onassis Foundation “Dancing to Connect”, as well as an invited artist for the program “Zoom In” (artist-craftsman collaboration program). Part of her research presented in TWIXTlab: art, anthropology & the everyday in collaboration to Duncan Dance Centre. Her lecture is integrated in a digital archive for dance artistic research in Greece ( and is under the jurisdiction of Research Center for Humanitarian Sciences and TWIXTlab. Till now, she has presented her research in flows of movement, spacescapes and relationscapes in two thematics: «Love & Revolution» (5 performances, 3 workshops and 3 dance practices in public space) and “it's not about if you will love me tomorrow” (3 performances, 2 workshops). The last one involves the project “holy purple” , a project that consists of a dance performance, an installation, a digital performance and a workshop and is inspired by the nature of a dancer and her/his processes for taking the “next step”.