Sonia Ntova

Sonia Ntova is a dance practitioner based in Greece. She works around Europe for the past 10 years in solo works, collaborations with different artists, while teaching dance -movement in various contexts. She completed her Master's degree with excellence, in the field of Dance and Participation (Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen, DK). Along with a state diploma in classical and contemporary dance from the Greek Ministry of Culture (GR). Her work in been outlined by the weaving between art, movement, and pedagogy. It supports the importance of embodied art as a chance to reconnect to the physicality of both ourselves and our environments. Her interest lies in making high-quality artistic processes available to people. Her current focus is on the question of "What reembodiment do we need in a context of global ethical and ecological crisis?" Her movement practice is based on the continuous inquiry of perceptual engagement and the sensorial world. She deals with structures that permit the free association of the body and the personal discovery of the participant. Her process is accessible for all bodies with or without experience. She invites participants to activate imagination and sensitivity while investigating their sensorial world. She runs and collaborates in various artistic-educational programs with a central focus on the sensitive body (ERASMUS + programs). She is a collaborator in the program “it could be me – it could be you” by Drama & Education Network and UNHCR Greece (Agency for Refugees) running educational workshops aiming to cultivate empathy and inclusivity concerning refugees phenomena. She is the artistic leader in the project ‘Sensorial Ecotopias’, researching with teenagers, the term ‘sustainability and the dimensions of active biopolitics’. She collaborates with Duncan Dance Centre (Athens) in the "Moving Ground” program based on the relationship between permaculture and dance. She is a research associate in the 'NOMADIC ACADEMY’- research dance project, led by Anna Konjetzky (Munich), designing dance practices focusing on body politics through the prism of a feminist perspective.