Lilach Pnina Livne

Lilach Pnina Livne - artist, choreographer, dancer, researcher, feminist, mother. Developer of the movement & choreographic method: Spirit Dance. In 2021 Livne opened a New Art Institution which brings a new relation between Art & Reality called - LILACH PNINA LIVNE, at Dror 7, Jaffa, Israel. The institution contains four main elements: a Gallery, a School, a Magazine, a Studio: ● The Performative Exhibition Gallery: featuring only ongoing performative exhibitions. ● De Spirit: School for New Directions & Relations in Performing Arts, Choreography and Dance. ● Better FUTURE: an international Magazine for innovative approaches to performative practices. ● Livne's Studio: Practice & Theory. And more than all a place to practice the new method Livne brings into the world, a place where girls, teenagers, dancers, non-dancers, mothers, artists, non-artists, olders can unite, meet themselves and others through art and practice a different way of “body-being-in-the-world”. The institution is an independent initiation of Livne which appears from the need to create a new kind of system - a system that is supporting new kinds of relations - between the dancer and the choreographer, the artist and the institution, the artist and the curator, the experiencer and the viewer, the practice and the performance. The institution is a research-process-based project which pushes borders and is willing to expand the way we produce, consume and engage with the art - creating a more ‘Continuous-Relation’ with the art itself & its audience. Livne’s practice focuses on the relationship between choreography, philosophy & religion - questioning the potentiality of inventing other forms of life through art. Livne treats the performance medium as a field to practice our ‘body-being-in-the-world’ and her method offers a reversal in the logic of image creation which helps to manifest different kinds of realities, groups, gangs, organizations, forums, cults, etc. Livne creates performances, exhibitions, parties, conferences, prayers, books, schools, labs and presents her works in visual art contexts ,philosophy contexts and dance contexts such as the 20th Sydney Art Biennale, Australia, International Dance Festival – Impulstanz, Vienna, Blackbox Teater, Oslo, Coventry University UK, CCA TLV among others and in 2018 her practice book 'Prayer for the Abstract' was published. Livne also works at 'At Risk Youth' institutes, incorporating her artistic research of 'Seeing - Being Seen’ into social work. Studied Choreography at the School for the Arts in Amsterdam - SNDO, studied experimental dance at SEAD, Austria, studied Philosophy (Esthetics, Religions & Gender Studies) at The Tel-Aviv University. In 2012 received the danceWEB scholarship in the frame of ImPulstanz Festival. Facebook: Insta: