Sahra Huby

Sahra Huby works as a freelance dancer. She studied dance and movement in her home city Brussels. She learned physical theater at the school “Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Lassaad”, and pursued a contemporary dance training at the Etage Berlin. Since 2006, she works with many different dancemakers around Europe, (like Ismael Ivo, Jo Fabian, Heike Hennig, Sebastian Hirn, Theatre Fragile, CADAM, Annette Geller, Ilona Paszty, Eleni Kamma...) Her artistic pathway is very interlinked with the german choreographer Anna Konjetzky in Munich. With her, she created many dance pieces, including a number of solos such as chipping, über die wut, move more morph it...touring nationally and internationally, but she also works on many others but collaborates also on many different levels, as member of the Nomadic Academy, and in diverse research and exchange formats where dance is not only happening on stage, but is used as a langage to communicate with others, to investigate topics, and to enter in dialogue with other artists and audience. A own hybrid format is the her long term performance project in private appartments called "Dance Kitchen“ (started in 2016). Not only dance, but also drawing is an important part of her artistic work. Lately she has created a lot of stop motions movies, and started the research project “Cartographies”, (supported by the kulturreferat des Stadt München and the stipendia Bayern inovativ), using drawins and mapping to question the representation and perception of the human body.