Carlos Osatinsky & Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli

Carlos Osatinsky and Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli are contemporary dancers, performers, choreographers, explorers and facilitators of movement. They met in 1996 studying dance at the Taller de Danza Contemporánea of the San Martín Theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fernando has been a member of the Contemporary Ballet of the San Martín Theatre. Carlos from the Tucumán Contemporary Dance Group. Both have collaborated in Argentina with various choreographers from the independent scene, including Beatriz Lábatte, Miguel Robles, Margarita Bali and Susana Tambutti. Seeking to expand their experiences, in 2000 they traveled to Europe, creating their base in the city of Berlin, Germany. They do not define themselves as a “dance company”, “group” or “collective” but as singular beings who share visions, connecting in needs and discrepancies, exchanging roles, moving and exploring interests in the artistic field and through their passage on the world. Their common work is permanently mobilised by research into different interactive modes of relationship between performers, performance and spectators. They thus combine works for the stages, galleries, site specifics and a mix with visual and multimedia languages. His pieces have been and are shown, among others, in Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Argentina, the Czech Republic and South Korea. They have developed pieces in residencies at M.U.N.T (Museum of the National University of Tucumán), Argentina, LaborGras, Berlin, Germany, La Gomera Choreographic Center, Spain; Dependance Stift Millstatt, Austria, Danscentrum Väst, Gothenburg, Sweden, Cultivating Culture, Sao Luis, Forum Dança, Portugal. Along with their individual experiences as performers and creators, they have collaborated with other artists in Europe and Argentina such as Anna Hubber, Davide Camplani, Andres Corchero/ Rosa Muñoz, Damian Muñoz, Roberto Oliván, Tomi Paasonen, Trinidad G. Espinosa, Sonusdos, Toula Limnaios, Irina Pauls, tanzApartment, Andrea K. Schlehwein, Helena Lizari, Yuko Matsuyama, Jonathan Martineau, Zufit Simon, Hyoung Min Kim, F.A.C.E., Otro Espacio, Tanzcompagnie RUBATO, NETZWERK AKS, Pedro Prazeres, Grace Euna Kim, among others. Although they reside in Germany, they continue nurturing the bridge that connects them with South America and Asia. They have also participated in the Seoul International Improvisation Festival, Chuncheon International Mime Festival and Busan International Dance Festival, Pedras Festival Lisboa Portugal, Buenos Aires Dance Festival, Notafe Festival Estonia, Festival Cuerpos in Argentina, Festival Danza al Margen, Festival Breve in Chaco, among others. Thanks to their various collaborations they have been able to perform in Indonesia, Europe and China. Under the title espaciopropio.augenblick, they teach classes and workshops where they share and develop the conceptual and material axes explored in their work. They are motivated to discover tools that facilitate and support creative and vital processes based on the body's own experience. They have been invited as Guest Professors at the School of Dance of the Korea National University of Arts, in Seoul, South Korea; have guided laboratories for c.e.m. (center in movement, Lisbon), in F.A.C.E. (Buenos Aires) and Ushuaia (Argentina). They have taught classes, workshops, laboratories and intensive seminars at various festivals and sites in Argentina and Europe. They continually collaborate with Jonathan Martineau in Spain on his Butosofia research and together they have created the annual retreat for the exploration of the body in nature “The Body in its World” which has already been held for seven editions.