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Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian sea located on the West Coast of Greece, connected to the mainland with a bridge. It is famous worldwide for its stunningly beautiful beaches with transparent, turquoise waters, combined with the rich flora covering the mainland. 

You can find below some useful information on how you can get to the island of Lefkada.



1. The nearest airport to Lefkada is that of Preveza-Aktion (PVK), approximately 25 minutes away by car.

1A. As soon as you get to the airport, you can get a taxi all the way to Neochori village (taxi fare is about 70 euros). In this case we can help you by calling one on request at least 72 hours earlier.

1B. Another option is to take a taxi from the airport to Lefkada city (40 euros), and from there, take the bus from the Bus Terminal Ktel Lefkadas, and take the departure to Nidri. The ticket price is between 1,60 euros to 3,40 euros. Since you reach Nidri town, you can get a taxi from there to Neochori (15 euros). There is a taxi station near the bus station, or we can help you by calling one on request at least 72 hours earlier. In this case the whole distance will cost about 60 euros.

1C. You can take a bus from the airport to Lefkada city (3 euros), then take another departure to Nidri (1,60-3,40 euros) and from there a taxi to Neochori (15 euros). The total cost in this case is about 22 euros.

There is a taxi station near the bus station, or we can help you by calling one on request at least 72 hours earlier. Here you can find the departures from Airport to Lefkada and here from Lefkada to Nidri

2. In case you prefer to arrive at Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) you can take a bus from Athens Long Distance Bus Terminal ‘KTEL’. The distance is 340 km by bus, almost 5 hours including the 20′ break along the road. From the Airport take the city bus (X93) or a taxi to the Athens Long Distance Bus Terminal ‘KTEL’ (Address: Kifissou st. 100, Tel: +30 210 5124910-11 , website: ) from where buses depart to Lefkada. The one way ticket price is 34 euros. There are 3 departures per day.

As soon as you arrive in Lefkada city, you can choose between taking a taxi all the way to Neochori (taxi fare is about 40 euros), or taking the bus to Nidri and from there taxi to Neochori (as mentioned above).

Bus terminal website:


Other airports close to Lefkada are Zakynthos airport (ZTH) and Kefalonia airport (EFL), and then take a ferry to Vasiliki port. If these seem more convenient for your trip, please let us know so we can help you with more information.


If you want to use a ferry, please check ferries to Igoumenitsa port and then you can take a bus to Lefkada, yet please have in mind there are no routes every day.




As soon as our guests arrive in Neochori village (check in is 17.30 pm please try to be on time) a member of our team welcomes them.

Since our venue is off-grid, taxis/mini bus cannot drive you directly to our “door”. There is a 20-minute walk from the village. So please try to be on time,  so our guide will do only one tour, and no one will get lost. 🙂

In case you come by car, you can definitely reach Neochori (read the instructions below), and then you can also reach Paleochori up to a point, however it is a dirt road.

We can provide some help with some of your luggages, however we definitely suggest you to avoid bringing a suitcase, but to prefer a backpack that you are able to carry instead! Remember, you are in nature, and most routes in the village are rocky!

You will be in the venue around 18.00 and then we have welcome dinner at 20.00.
In case you arrive at Lefkada earlier we suggest taking a bus/taxi to Nidri, spend some time there at the beach, buy anything you need cause there are no shops here in Neochori and then take another taxi in order to be here at 17.30.
*Please have in mind that due to high traffic in the Island it is also recommended to book your taxi rides at least two days before.
When you are aware of how you will travel and when exactly you will arrive, please let us know so we can get you in contact with other participants and we can help you with booking a taxi in advance from airport, Lefkada or Nidri, at least 72 hours earlier. Usually during a week or two before your arrival we create a whats app group so you can communicate regarding arriving to Neochori from Preveza or Lefkada.
**We can arrange one or two minibus lifts from Nidri to Neochori at specific times for an extra charge. If you are interested let us know till the end of June in order to book it for you. 


Lefkada may be an island but it is connected to the mainland by a 50 meters floating bridge. So it is easy to reach the island just by driving, through the Greek National Road 42 which is a highway in northwestern Aetolia-Acarnania that links the town of Lefkada with the Greek National Road 5 (Antirrio – Arta – Ioannina) in Amfilochia, passing through the town of Vonitsa.

The first town you reach by entering the island is Lefkada city, the capital and main town of the island of Lefkada, located in its northern and northeastern part. 

From there, you can easily find the village which is located above Nidri (east side), after the village of Paleokatouna (Agios Christophoros in maps). The duration is approximately 25-30 minutes away from the town. 

In case you use gps, we highly recommend to set Ag.Christophoros (Paleokatouna) as a destination ( ), instead of Neochori, as Gps usually suggests a wrong way to Neochori!

If you arrive at Paleokatouna then you can very easily find Neochori just by continuing driving uphill. There is only one main road, and there are also signs.



Since Sundays in our programme will be free time, we provide you with some useful information in order to explore other places on the island. We can also help you by calling a taxi on request at least one day earlier. 

Local routes by bus:

You can also visit the very up to date website of Lefkada Slow Guide to seek more information about the island of Lefkada. 


Taxi numbers
+30 697 762 30 23 PVK AIRPORT TAXI


+30 694 223 7288 Dimitris
+30 26450 26555 Taxaki Lefkas
+30 26459 00900 Taxibooker
+30 690 707 8138 Lefkas Airport Transfers
+30 694 606 0731 Taxi lefkas service Makis Grapsopoulos
+30 699 477 6364

+30 26450 92000 (RADIO TAXI – You call and they find you the closest, available taxi driver)
+30 6932927170 (NIDRI TAXI SERVICES Kosmas Thermos)
+ 30 698 66 17 860 TAXI NIDRI

Volunteering is a key practice in Unplugged that plays an important role in the proper regulation of the program and at the same time allowing us to offer a partial experience of the program for free. It is really important to us to offer these spots in order to give access to people who want to attend our program but they cannot afford it. 


Full-time volunteering option

Every year we offer 2 positions for two volunteers who will attend all 4 weeks and will be in a position of program assistant and communication coordinator respectively, for 4 hours per day, with one day off upon agreement. We provide this individual with free access to the classes, as well as covering accommodation and meals.

The program assistant helps ensure the flow of the program as well as the accommodation on-site, being responsible for tasks, daily schedule, and other volunteers. The communication coordinator is the person responsible for promoting the program through social media, the website, and emails. Both are integral members of our team, and we seek individuals interested in the project and closely aligned with the philosophy of our program. Priority is usually given to individuals who have attended a previous version of the program.

*Places for full-time volunteering has been covered for this summer’s program. Thank you! 


Part-time volunteering option

We also offer 8 spots for part-time volunteering, 4 per period, for people who are interested in attending two weeks of the program but cannot afford it, in exchange for a part of the fee. This option involves 2 hours of work per day, allowing volunteers to participate regularly in the full day of workshops. Their tasks are simple and mostly involve keeping the space tidy and clean, transferring meals, and helping with serving and cleaning the buffet, etc. All tasks will be shared with other volunteers, and usually, a volunteer has no more than two chores to do every day.

The possible dates to join us for 2024 are either from August 3rd to 19th or from August 17th to September 2nd.

*Right now all places have been filled. Thank you! 
How to join us

Due to the high number of requests for volunteering spots and the limited availability, we kindly request all interested individuals to submit;

  • this application form >
  • including a brief video introduction, lasting no longer than 3-4 minutes. In the video, please introduce yourself, share your motivation for joining our program, explain why Unplugged Dance interests you, and discuss how you believe you would benefit from it physically, emotionally, mentally, educationally, professionally, or in any other aspect.

Please share the video via a link (YouTube, Vimeo) in the registration form and provide a password if necessary.

Once we receive your application, we will review it and get back to you within the next three days.


For any questions, please feel free to ask at    We will be happy to receive your applications!

Rules & Regulations

As a company we have terms and conditions which are mapped with specific rules and regulations for all our programs. We kindly ask you to read and accept the below, as this will facilitate the smooth running of your selected program.


Participants must be over 18 years old. If under 18, a signed permission letter from a parent or guardian, documents proving the relationship, and
verification of legal guardianship must be provided. Direct communication with the guardian will be required to confirm all necessary arrangements and consents.

Participants who have any kind of injury or health problem, mental or physical, or taking medication for any reason, are requested to submit the required information in a form that Unplugged Dance will send via email after the completion of booking. The facilitators of the course will be informed of participants’ health history in order to give them the care and the treatment which is the best for them.

The use of illegal substances is prohibited during the Unplugged Dance program.

The consumption of alcohol in the venue is not allowed without the permission of the supervisors.

Smoking cigarettes in the venue is not allowed, except for the smoking area.

Lighting fires in the venue is strictly not allowed.

All facilitators of Unplugged Dance educational program are experienced professionals yet every participant is responsible for their own physical integrity and health during the program. In case of injury or accident during the courses or their staying in the venue where the program is held, the Tripodium Collective Company bears no responsibility.

Even though we never had to deal with stealing incidents until now, and there is no criminality in the village, every participant is responsible for their personal items during their stay in the venue. In case of loss the company bears no responsibility.

All participants must conform to program and venue rules. Any misbehavior with other participants or facilitators, such as verbal or physical violence, disruptive behavior or harassment, will be strictly considered a breach of the Unplugged Dance program’s code of conduct and the Tripodium Collective Company has the right to require you to leave the private area of the venue.

Every participant is requested to fulfill the registration formalities and submit the required information before the start of the course.

In case of cancellation on your side, the deposit is non-refundable, with the only exception being circumstances such as closed borders, pandemic, or war preventing your travel. If the event is canceled for any reason, the entire deposit amount will be refunded without reservations.

Every participant is requested to pay off the remaining balance in Euros via bank transfer, or credit/debit card, until the day of their arrival at latest. At any time before the program’s start date, if you have already paid the remaining balance and choose to cancel, a full refund only of the remaining balance will be provided. In this case, any transaction or bank fees will be charged on the receiver.

In case a participant leaves the program at any time and for any reason the company has no obligation to refund the amount they have paid.


Directors of the Unplugged Dance educational program Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis & Kyveli Kouvatsi as well as TRIPODIUM COLLECTIVE Company thank you for your cooperation in following the above Rules and Regulations.